The Intelligence & Aptitude (iA) test is a standard exam designed by JPSS, Pune as a proven solution for those who want to know their orientation and abilities to choose the perfect career path.
This is an online test that is conducted at Yash Career Guru’s office under the supervision of Mr. Yashwant Kulkarni.
The test measures 8 types of intelligence or abilities(Cognitive, Reasoning, Figural memory, Spatial, Verbal, Social, Numerical, Numerical Memory) and 5 types of orientations( Knowledge, Practical, Artistic, Social, Power) to guide the student accurately to choose the right career path.

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Your child is unique and special. Mr. Yashwant Kulkarni always keeps this in mind during his career counselling sessions. The career counselling sessions are conducted after the aptitude test.
Yash Career Guru’s career counselling sessions involve:-
1. Detailed analysis of the aptitude test report
2. Discussion with the student and parents about their evaluations and aspirations
3. Synthesizing the strengths and weaknesses shown in the report with the aspirations and goals of the student and parents
4. Guidance given to choose the suitable career path

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