Career Counselling

To Explore Career Options As Per Aptitude & Orientation

Parent Guidance

For Better Personality Development Of The Child

About Us

Yash Career Guru is a Pune based Career Guidance Centre that aims at helping students and parents find the right career according to the student’s unique abilities, intelligence and inclination. 

At Yash Career Guru, we believe each child is special and a distinct individual who can excel if they find something that matches their talent and ability. 

What People Say About Us

Yash is very experienced career advisor as well as mentor too. He has very proven methods to identify aptitude of students of all ages. Any career chosen as per the aptitude also requires constant motivation to become successful. Yash stimulates this motivation among students as I have seen that all students of all ages would treat Yash as their very good friend.
Career Guidance Parent Testimonial Pune
Vishwas Kulkarni
चाचणी मधुन उपलब्ध निकाला (Aptitude Test Result) प्रमाणे करियर प्राधान्य क्षेत्र निवडीबाबत मार्गदर्शन करित असताना विद्यार्थी व त्यांचे पालक यांच्या सोबत अत्यंत आपुलकीने चर्चा करुन योग्य सल्ला दिला जातो.
पाल्याचा शैक्षणिक आलेख उंचावण्याकरिता उपयुक्त सुचना मिळतात.विद्यार्थ्या सोबत त्याच्या आभ्यासाच्या पद्धतीची चर्चा करुन योग्य मार्गदर्शन करण्यात येते.
Career Guidance Parent Testimonial Pune-Charu
Charu Galgate
When I wanted to switch my career at the age of 26, I was unsure of what field to pursue. Then I met Yashwant sir, who very beautifully explained me the pros and cons of the fields I could do well in, and I made an informed choice. I recommend the service that he does to every student even if they’re switching careers. Kudos Yash Career Guru
Yash Career Guru Student Image
Suyesh Nair
Yash Career Guru Addressing Students & Parents through Rotary on Career Guidance
Yash Career Guru receiving an Rajeev Gandhi Excellence Award a the hands of Padmashri Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
Yash Career Guru speaking on career guidance in Pune school
Yash Career Guru explaining all the career options available for students
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