About us

Guiding You In The RIGHT Direction

Yash Career Guru is a Pune based Career Guidance Centre that aims at helping students and parents find the right career according to the pupil’s unique abilities, intelligence and inclination. 

At Yash Career Guru, we believe each child is special and a distinct individual who can excel if they find something that matches their talent and ability. 

Our Founder, Mr Yashwant Kulkarni, a certified Career Advisor, focuses on finding a career path that will not only bring success but also a sense of fulfilment to the child and family over the years. 

Our career counselling begins by understanding the child through tests and face to face interactions and ends with helping him/her see the perfect choice of career. We also counsel students on how to choose the right college, how to prepare for exams and how the family of the student can support them mentally and physically when pursuing their dreams. 

Our holistic approach to Career Counselling is developed by Mr Yashwant Kulkarni’s rich experience and research on different career choices. He looks at the overall personality of the student, the resources available in the family and the test results. Mr Yashwant Kulkarni believes we need to offer the pupil an option where his heart finds happiness because only then the student can work effortlessly and reach great heights in his/her career. 

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