Aptitude Test by Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan Sanstha

What is Intelligence and Aptitude test?

The Intelligence & Aptitude (iA) test is a standard exam designed by JPSS, Pune is a proven solution for those who want to know their orientation and abilities to choose the perfect career path.  Yash Career Guru provides the best career counselling in Pune using this iA test as a scientific base for the career guidance.
Choosing the right career is an important step towards progress in today’s competitive world. Deciding on one’s right career is stressful and confusing, for most of the students and their parents. They are bombarded with suggestions from friends, relatives, teachers, etc. Many a times the options given by these people are either based on their own experience, or biases, or the percentage the student has achieved. They do not take into account the ability or liking of the students. In most of the cases the core potential and inclination of the students is ignored.
Aptitude testing works as a ‘guiding light’ that brings in clarity, opening up many roads taking the pupils towards their desired destination.
Aptitude tests are developed on purely scientific models of intelligence, personality and principles of psychometrics. Results of these tests show the strengths and likings of the students in various abilities necessary for higher studies and employment.

Details of Intelligence & Aptitude Test

  • The test is designed for students from the 10th standard to undergraduates.
  • It generally takes 2.5 to 3 hours for student to solve the test.
  • The test is taken on a computer.
  • Students/Schools/Organizations have to register for the test and then appear for the test at scheduled date, time and location.
  • Each student has to take the test individually without any outside help.
  • No special preparation is required for this test.
  • The test is currently available in two mediums English and Marathi.
  • After the test, a detailed report of the test results is generated and given to the student.
  • Guidance is essential after the test. Guidance is based on student’s test report, his academic grades and family background. Every student is expected to appear for the guidance (may be with parents), at scheduled time, with the ‘test report’..

Contents of Intelligence & Aptitude Test 

As the iA test is designed with a specific purpose of guiding students to choose appropriate career, psychological sub-tests relevant to intellectual factors and orientations have been included in the test. There are seventeen (17) sub-tests included in iA to measure following eight (8) abilities:
In addition, a questionnaire is included to measure student’s ‘orientations’. Following five (5) orientations are measured in the iA.

Contents of Report

  • Each student gets a report with a ‘percentile’ rank and ‘a grade’ associated with it for each ability and orientation mentioned above. It helps the student to understand where he stands in various abilities and orientations.
  • A separate report is made available for a guide/councilor with additional information such as standard scores, ability quotients, and a graphical comparison with expected profiles for 16 different vocations, etc
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