Parent Guidance

Parent Guidance

Parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities a couple can take on. Parenting involves not only providing your children with the right food and right schooling but also giving them the right values and tools to lead a happy, fulfilling and successful life. 
Yash Career Guru understands that parenting in today’s day and age is not easy. Modern-day parents are faced with multiple dilemmas every single day. It could be something as simple as “how many sweets should my child have in a day?” to “what physical activities will help in the development of my kids?”. Additionally, most parents nowadays are working full time and are raising their children in a nuclear family setup, therefore, there is more pressure on the parents to spend quality time with their kids and maximise their family bonding in short bursts of time. 
Keeping all these factors in mind, Yash Career Guru has moved beyond the normal career guidance services in Pune to become a more inclusive counselling service. Mr Yashwant Kulkarni, the expert counsellor also offers Parent Guidance Services in Pune.

What Are Parent Guidance Services?

Parent Guidance Services at Yash Career Guru, one of Pune’s best career guidance centres are a family-oriented service, where Mr Yashwant Kulkarni sits down with the whole family and discusses what issues they are facing vis a vis where they aim to go. 
He understands the goals set by the family for the healthy mental and physical growth of the children while increasing the bonding between parents and children. Based on these in-depth heart-to-heart talks Mr Yashwant Kulkarni slowly begins to formulate a plan which will work for the family. This plan of action involves: 
  • Setting up goals for the child (example: needs improvement in Maths, needs to improve social skills) 
  • Setting up the roles and responsibilities of the parents with regard to the goals (example: learning Maths together, practising social skills with the family) 
  • Ensuring that all the people in the plan do their part
  • Timely review of the plan with Mr Yashwant Kulkarni to check progress or to make modifications in plan. 

What Type Of Parent Guidance Is Generally Required?

Based on our research and the cases that have come to us, there are a plethora of problems faced by children and parents these days. Some of the problems for which parents come to us are: 
  • Low Concentration During Studies

With the advent of digital technology (mobiles and laptops), the attention span of students has become low. They are easily distracted and show signs of poor focus and memory. Hence, many parents come to Mr Yashwant Kulkarni for guidance on how to help their son/daughter in studies. 
Mr Yashwant Kulkarni then analyses the cases and gives them simple techniques to follow which lead to an improved concentration in studies. Some of these techniques are practising meditation every day, low screen time, kinesthetic learning methods. He also ensures that the parents are a part of the program and not just observers who will only critique their child. 


  • Inability To Form Friendships

Many students are too shy or introverted and are unable to make friends in school. This affects their mental development and isolates them from their peers. Parents are unable to understand the child’s problem and come to Yash Career Guru, a career guidance centre in Pune which also offers parent guidance services for a solid solution. 
Mr Yashwant Kulkarni spends some time in understanding the problem faced by the child and their inherent personality. He then suggests some simple exercises like practising social conversations or public speaking or pursuing a team sport which will help an introvert or shy child to mix up and open up in public. Please note that Mr Yashwant Kulkarni does not aim to “change” the child’s original nature, he only helps them to fit in with their peer group in a more comfortable way. 


  • Dealing With Failures

Our educational system is highly competitive and cut-throat in nature. Our children are constantly forced to score better marks and get higher percentages than the rest of their class. This takes a heavy toll on their mental health, especially when they face failure. 
Children today are ill-equipped to deal with failure, they either become too depressed or completely reckless. This is not a healthy outlook and in such scenarios parents feel helpless. Mr Yashwant Kulkarni is an experienced counsellor who is patient and understanding. He helps children to move past the failure, take lessons from it and change the way they look at life. He can assist students in accepting defeat without feeling guilty or depressed. Mr Kulkarni’s friendly nature allows children to become comfortable with him quickly and open up to him. This helps them in turning the negative into positive. 
He also guides the parents on how they can create a safe environment around their child during this difficult time and nurture him till he moves past this phase. 
In case you are facing any of the above difficulties, or difficulties not mentioned here, we invite you for a one-on-one counselling session with Mr Yashwant Kulkarni to learn more on good parenting! 

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